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Life Coaching

Life coaching  addresses specific personal and business goals and transitions faced by the client  


-helps you reach your goals

-builds  confidence, self-esteem and


-reduces stress

-boosts energy

- attain greater inner peace and a 

  deeper enjoyment out of life

-new attitude towards yourself and life

-creative solutions to problems

I will bring into our relationship:

A heartfelt commitment to only hold you in light of all possibilities abundance and power. A strong belief in you, your dreams and your purpose. 

My own personal experienced and tools in overcoming  challenges faced by adult children of alcoholics as well as people undergoing  change in their life. 


Reiki is non-invasive and relaxing ancient Japanese technique referred to as of  "laying on  of hands"

Reiki does not conflict with other methods of health care . Instead it will enhance  the results and assist in the healing process


-Functions on all levels -mental, physical, spiritual and  emotional

Supports the body's natural ability 

to heal itself

-Balances the bodies energies

- Loosens up blocked energy and promotes  state of total relaxation and alleviation of stress


Reflexology is a natural healing modality with origins in Egypt and China around 2000BC

It works on the principle that the feet mirror the body  Pressure is applied to parts of the feet  that correspond to a specific body part

Manipulating specific reflex removes  stress placing body in a parasympathetic healing state . With stress removed and circulation improved the body return to a state of balance


-relieves tension and stress

-brings body and chakras into balance 

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