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Welcome to Chrysalis Healing and Coaching

Are you ready to come out of your cocoon and start a new chapter in your life?

You  may be feeling stuck, confused and scared and not sure of your next step.

Perhaps you are facing the challenges of being an adult child of an alcoholic or undergoing a life transition - such as career change, relationship change,  empty nester or becoming a caregiver for an ailing loved one. 

Adult Children of Alcoholics

If you grew up in an alcoholic family environment you are familiar with struggles faced of trying to survive one day tot the next- The  uncertainty, the chaos . As a child  growing up  in an alcoholic environment your own emotional needs were overlooked. As an adult you know that something is not quite right but are not sure why. Is being an adult child of an alcoholic holding you back?  


Common  Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics:

- victim mentality * seeking approval from others* fear of authority

- perfectionism * conflict avoidance * fear of abandonment

- relationship issues * self-criticism *  low self-esteem

- control issues * learned helplessness * difficulty completing projects from start to finish

- distorted thinking * all black and white no gray areas * denial

- inability to have fun * shame * poor boundaries

- take on too much responsibility *  too judgemental with themselves * struggles with identity 

- too passive *  prone to stress and disease *  prone to addiction 

- guess what normal behaviour is  *  impulsive *  extremely loyal

 If you identify with some  characteristics and find yourself struggling and would like some insight, a greater understanding and awareness of how your childhood shaped  you into who you are today  life coaching can help.. 

Life Transitions 


We all experience life transitions through out our life times . Life transitions usually involve lots of change that can be stressful, overwhelming and frightening for some of us. Transitions come in many forms and usually when we least expect them..

Are you currently undergoing a life transition? Such as:

Career Change* Relationship change * Empty nester *  Becoming a caregiver

Don't be overwhelmed. Take the first step and reach out for some guidance as you start this new chapter in your life.


I welcome the opportunity to work with you and guide you on your healing journey. Let today be the day you say yes to yourself, yes to change, yes to healing, yes to growth and empowerment..

I have a sensitive ear,  an open heart and give gentle but truthful feedback that will empower you and challenge you to reach for your goals and attain your full potential

What our customers are saying

I moved to Toronto from the UK. I was diagnosed with depression

not long after I started to see Vesna. I cam here for a relationship  and moved in with him. There was a lot happening and Vesna was quick to identify that I was very tightly wound and needed to relax more. She encouraged me to express myself through creativity. I am now participating in art classes as wll as improv comedy. Unfortunately the relatship I cam to Canada for is not working out . Vesna has been there for me as I mentally transition the relationship breakup

 I am very gratful to have found Vesna at this overwhelming time in my life.


Reiki helped me to relax and sleep better- Sylvie

With Reiki treatment my self-esteem improved-Christine  .

Claim your free 30 minute life coaching consultation​

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